Five Pool Supplies To Keep Your Pool Sparkling

It is unsafe and unhealthy to have a dirty swimming pool. Filters and pumps, cleaning chemicals and automated vacuums are the swimming products made to keep the pool in peak condition. You will keep your water sparkle clean by using these tools regularly. Below are the five vital pool supplies to have to keep your pool clean the entire summer.

Water Testing Kit

You need to determine the balance needed either by PH balancers and chlorine by using the water testing kit. The kits have easy to follow instructions. To measure, you need to collect a tube of the pool water and add a few chemicals. Then compare the color of the water with the colors of the test strip. The results will indicate if adjustments are to be made or the pool is safe to swim in. It is crucial to repeat the test every day.


They are big nets at the end of a pole. They are important because filters are not able to remove larger rubbish like leaves that fall into the water. Scoop all the debris in the morning by using a skimmer. It is an easy job which parents can delegate it to the children as a morning chore.

Shock Products

Shock products are a must when it comes to pool supplies. Even though the PH and chlorine levels are revealed to be okay by the chemical testing kit, there are times you will need to shock the water. Shocking should be conducted to each pool at the start of the summer season, but then another shocking is required if algae appear or a kid has an accident while swimming.


Vacuums get rid of sand that sinks to the bottom and the dirt, as skimmers are meant for the surface. The vacuum has a unique technique of being used. Begin from the deep end moving the vacuum slowly in rows and work towards the shallow end. Start the first row from the back and go to towards the front in the next row do the quite the opposite of that.

Pool Cover

A pool cover is a vital supply to add to your pool supplies. It is not only needed in the winter months, but it also required during the summer time, but it should be used in the evening. It helps to prevent animals from falling into the water, and it reduces the debris amount in the water