Tips On how To Keep Your Carpet Clean

In the modern world, a carpet is considered as an integral part of every household. Carpets not only bring about an aspect of comfort but also have the capacity to bring about aesthetic appeal. However, they have one major downfall. Due to the fact that they are mostly located in high traffic areas, they tend to get dirty easily. As such, the following overview of tips on how to keep your carpet clean might prove invaluable for all carpet owners.

Place shoe rugs at all entry points

This is considered as the golden rule when it comes to keeping your carpet clean. Ensure you place shoe rugs at all entry points to your house. As a guideline, the front and back door should have shoe rugs strategically placed so as to prevent dirt and debris being carried into the house. It would also be in your best interest to position mats or runners along high traffic areas within the house.


Vacuum clean regularly

This is another very important tip on how to keep your carpet clean. You might not know this, but dirt cuts into carpet fibers are wearing them down and progressively allowing them to absorb stains with more ease. As such, it would be in your best interest to vacuum at least once a week or better still, regularly.

Clean stains immediately

This is another golden rule when it comes to keeping a carpet clean. Always ensure that you clean up stains immediately as they are much easier to remove when they are still fresh as opposed to when they have dried out. As a rule, never wipe a stain but instead blot stains with a clean rag or towel starting from the outer edge of the stain, working your way inwards to avoid spreading the stain.

Make use of appropriate stain cleaning techniques

hgdhgdd764As we all know, there are certain techniques that work well with particular types of stains. For instance, club soda is particularly effective when it comes to wine and beer stains. Shaving cream, on the other hand, can remove just about every type of stain. Ice is best used in freezing chewing gum on a carpet before prying it off while dishwasher detergent is perfect for removing grease stains from a carpet

By considering the above-mentioned factors on how to keep your carpet clean, you are assured of having a clean carpet all year round. You can also avail of carpet cleaning wandsworth to make the task a lot easier.