How to turn your bathroom into a home spa

The bathroom is the smallest unit in the house, but it is the most important part. It is the first place to go when you wake up, use the toilets, bathing, washing, tooth brushing and doing personal care. And it is also the last place you get in before going to bed at night. More likely, visitors coming in would make impression and judgment based on this room. Therefore, it is important to give this place an absolute idea of comfort and relaxation. But have you thought of bringing some spa treatments to your own home? What are the steps to set up the bathroom spa without spending much?

Fix the clutter

Keep the things you do not use in your cabinet and maintain a tidy set up inside the place to have a relaxing aura. You can add storage and create idea how to display the toiletries.


Upgrade your bathroom

In enhancing your bathroom set up, add some accessories that could help the aura of the room. Try installing a massage shower head or a luxurious one that has many features. Whatever type of shower you want, it is essential to choose the best suited to your style. It would enhance your bathroom spa.

Another way to upgrade the room is put some indoor plants to help create a place of tranquility, and the fresh flowers could give a natural element. Indulge yourself in using new, comfortable, soft heated towels to wrap your body, to give you more relaxation.


Adding some scents will also help. This aroma therapy would be an excellent accessory to insert the calming effect to your home spa experience. You can use the scents of lavender, vanilla or jasmine to your oils, soap, lotion, and candles. Playing music in nature beat can also give you inner peace.

Upgrade your tub. Soaking your body in a tub is not just only bathing, but it is a way to relax and release stress. But if your budget is tight for a new tub, you can add the best inflatable spa in your room, it is cheaper and portable but gives excellent soaking heat effect.


Set the physical tone

Using a fresh color could tone the visual appeal of the bathroom leaving it more inviting and relaxing. The tiles sidings and flooring can complement the accent of the place.

Now your bathroom has changed into a bathroom spa, close your eyes and experience the spa treatment right inside your home.